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A: The best ways for you to stay current with my book news are:

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So join, follow, read, enjoy!


Q. What’s the Harry Starke series about?

A: Harry Starke is a series of stand alone crime novels, murder mysteries, whodunits set in the beautiful, scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have long been a fan of Mickey Spillane and his rough, tough private detective, Mike Hammer. That being so, when I decided to write the series back in September of 2015, I set out with Hammer in mind, and the first two books reflect that. However, the characters took on a life of their own and have over the series evolved. Harry, though still dark, dangerous and driven, is a kinder gentler PI with a conscience and a deep sense of loyalty to those he holds dear. He’s also an ex-cop, extremely well educated, and very wealthy. Now that’s not to say he’s become a wimp, far from it, he can still hurt you when he needs to, and he never hesitates to use his Heckler & Koch VP9 when he needs to. The stories, all but two, are pure whodunits. If you figure it out before the final chapters, I will be surprised and will not have done my job. Feel free to let me know. I answer all emails.

Here are the stories in order, though you don’t need to read them that way:

Harry Starke: The book that introduced Harry to the world – a story of murder and corruption in high places. Mike Hammer on Steroids? You’ll be the judge 🙂
Two for the Money: A murder mystery that will keep you guessing.
Hill House: A murder mystery – a cold case. A sad story with an ending you won’t see coming.
Checkmate: A murder mystery with a financial background.
GONE: When Harry’s old boss and nemesis Police Chief Johnston’s daughter disappears, he turns to Harry Starke for help.
Family Matters: When the love of Harry’s life, Amanda Cole, inherits a haunted house…. Well, you’ll just have to read it:-)
Retribution: One of the two stories that are not a mystery. When someone brutally murders Harry’s kid brother and throws his body into the Tennessee river, he goes looking for retribution.
Without Remorse: Peter Nicholson was turkey hunting with three friends when he tripped and accidentally shot himself… dead, but did he? Harry loves a cold case, but this one….
Calypso: Harry marries Amanda in a beautiful setting in the Caribbean, but even on his wedding day he can’t get away from the job. Very reluctantly, he’s sucked into a murder mystery with one of the richest and most dysfunctional families….
Calaway Jones: A Full-Length thriller in which Harry and his crew are pitted against a professional assassin.
EMOJI: Dragged back from the blues (no spoilers), Harry is challenged by a fiendish and clever serial killer.
Hoodwinked is my latest Harry Starke novel and number 12 in the series..

So there they are, and the list will continue to grow as long as I can keep the stories fresh. I hope you enjoy them.


Q. Will You Write Anymore Civil War Stories or Westerns?

A: The short answer, at least for now, is no. Chickamauga was almost 25 years in the writing. The research for that story, which is historically accurate almost to the minute, took me what seemed like a half a lifetime to complete. Three Days in Hell is a spin-off from Chickamauga that tells the true story of General Bushrod Johnson’s part in the battle as told through the eyes of his ADC. It took only three months to write. The Mule Soldiers, another fictionalized true story, also took a vast amount of research. The two westerns, The Chase and Comanche, were fun books to write. I love those characters, especially the crazy Confederate Lieutenant Jesse Quintana. Both books took vast amounts of research, especially Comanche. The fans want historical accuracy, and that means lots of research. So right now, no I have no plans to write more of the same. But who knows what the future may hold….