The Harry Starke Series

New Series – Book 1

Jasmine, the first book in a new series of mysteries featuring Lieutenant Kate Gazzara of the Harry Starke novels, was released on September 9, 2017. To date, the book has garnered 42 5-star and 5 4-star reviews on Amazon. You can grab your copy here.

Jasmine, a Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel
Jasmine, a Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

Latest Harry Starke Novel

The new Harry Starke, Hoodwinked, is available NOW

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EMOJI: Number 11 in the Harry Starke Series

EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke series
EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke series

There’s a serial killer on the loose in Chattanooga. Young girls are being abducted from UTC. Their bodies found several days later on Chattanooga’s RiverPark. The investigation turns into a cat and mouse game, Harry being the mouse. Grab Your Copy Today.

New Release

May 2017

Calaway Jones Number 10 in the Harry Starke Series

Calaway Jones - Harry Starke - Book 10When a detective is this good, his family inevitably ends up in the crosshairs… If you like high-speed suspense, electrifying plot twists, and hard-boiled heroes, then you’ll love Blair Howard’s latest thrill-ride. Click to Start Reading Calaway Jones Today


Book 2 In The Harry Starke Series – Two For The Money

Harry Starke Book 2

Who Killed Tom Sattler? Who Stole $350 Million from New Vision Strategic Investments?

It’s up to Harry Starke to Figure it out
The call came on a Tuesday evening in the middle of August at around nine-thirty. It was from an old school friend, Tom Sattler. When Harry arrived at Sattler’s luxury home less than an hour later, he found him dead, lying in a pool of blood, a single gunshot wound to the head, and .22 revolver lying close to his hand. Read Now

Book 3 In The Harry Starke Series – Hill House

Harry Starke Book 3For More than ten years she lay beneath the floorboards of Hill House. For more than ten years she waited. Who was she? Who put her there? Why? Harry Starke vows to find out and embarks upon an investigation that will put him and those close to him in deadly danger, take him deep into the underground city, the Dark Web, murder, organized crime, prostitution, and human trafficking. Hill House has many doors. None of them lead anywhere but into darkness and despair. Read Now

Book 4 In The Harry Starke Series – Checkmate

Harry Starke Book 4They found Angela Hartwell lying in the shallow waters beside the golf course. There was not a mark on her, yet she was dead, strangled. How could that be?
Once again, it’s up to Harry Starke to find out. The investigation takes him into a world he’s very familiar with, a world of affluence, privilege and… corruption.
To solve the mystery, he must deal with three murders, a beautiful used car dealer, her lovely twin sisters, and a crooked banker. Not to mention Burke and Hare, two crazy repo men who will stop at nothing to protect their employer’s interests. There’s also the matter of an ingenious, sadistic killer. But nothing is ever quite what it seems…. Read Now

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