Kate Gazzara 2, Saffron, Is Complete

It took a while, but Saffron is right now getting her fingernails and hair pulled out by my editor. Publication date is tentatively set for Friday, March 9. As for Saffron getting her hair pulled, I seem to have lost most of mine – I did a little pulling myself trying to get the pesky story finished. Finally, though, it was wrapped up on February 16, much to my relief. So what’s it about?

Jasmine was Kate Gazzara’s first = novel, and her first case. It was set some 10 years ago when Harry quit the police department and became a PI. If you haven’t read it, you can grab a copy here.

Saffron is Kate’s latest case and is set in early 2018. Here the book description and the first paragraph of Chapter 1 to whet your appetite.

Saffron was the first. T.J. Bron found her naked body lying beside a dumpster at the rear of the Sorbonne. Four weeks later, a teenage couple looking a quiet spot to get it together find a second victim. The bodies continue to pile up. The killer’s clever. Clues are scarce. Lieutenant Kate Gazzara is baffled. What few clues there are make little sense and generate more questions than answers. Can she figure it out and stop a sadistic killer’s reign of terror?

Chapter 1

It was one of those godforsaken nights made even worse by the mantle of rain-sodden mist that swirled within the confines of the narrow alley. The glow of a single streetlight at the entrance, to what was optimistically called Prospect Street, reflected off the watery surface of the blackened and blistered asphalt and speared the darkness like a glittering finger pointing at something lying on the ground beside the dumpster. What it was T.J. Bron couldn’t identify. Not that he tried. Not that he was even interested. He was hungry, had been for as long as he could remember. He was also broke, soaked to the skin, miserable almost to the point of intolerance and wondering if perhaps the time might finally have come when he should end it all.

Did you grab a free copy the eBook of Harry Starke? If not, you can grab a copy here.

So, now that I have your attention, be on the lookout for Saffron, Lieutenant Kate Gazzara, Book 2.


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