New Release: EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke Series

EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke series
EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke series


EMOJI, Number 11 in the Harry Starke series is finished and is undergoing editing. It should be available on Amazon by the end of this month, June.

Why EMOJI. Well you can see the one of the front cover of the book. I kinda screams “bring it on.” Young women, students, are being abducted from UTC, their bodies found several days later on Chattanooga’s RiverPark. The investigation turns into a cat and mouse game, Harry being the mouse.

The the plot was easy enough, at least to a point, but I spent many weeks trying to figure out what was the killer’s motive. Why did the killer do it? It couldn’t be just for fun, and I needed to come up with something that hadn’t been done before. That was a challenge. When I finally figured it out, I was faced with another problem: how to end the story with a bang. The solution to that question didn’t come easily either. And there are other surprises too. So, EMOJI is just a couple of weeks or so away from its release. I’ll keep you posted as to exactly when.

You can find links to the other books in the series at and, if you’re not already familiar with the Harry Starke novels, you can grab a free copy of Book 1 while you’re there.

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