Update – Jasmine – A Kate Gazzara Novel

Jasmine, a Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel
Jasmine, a Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

Just to bring you up to speed on my latest WIP, Jasmine. It’s progressing. I’m almost at the half way point. The plot is complete, but still mostly in my head. I just have to get it out. As you all know by now, it’s the first book in a new series of crime novels featuring Lt. Kate Gazzara, Harry Starke’s one-time partner. I say series now, but if Jasmine is not well received, it will be a one-off. But looking on the bright side, they will all be stand-alone stories, and shorter reads. I’m thinking 200 to 220 pages, and if all goes well, I plan on producing a new one every six weeks, give or take.

Jasmine is a flashback ten years, the story of Kate’s first case without Harry. He leaves the PD on the Friday, and she is handed the case on the following Monday. She also gets a new partner, Detective John “Dick” Tracy. I had fun with him. Kate and Harry are still an item – this story happens long before Amanda – so he has something of a cameo role in the story. Many of the characters in the Harry novels are present too, including Doc Sheddon and Chief Johnston, and I’m introducing a new character, forensic entomologist, Dr. Jason Wu..

I’m thinking the book will finishing and ready to go to my editors no later than the 25th of this month, my birthday. So, for you folks that keep bugging me for a new story, be looking for Jasmine the first week of September.

More to come soon.

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