Who Is Harry Starke?

Yeah, who the heck is he?

I get asked that question a lot. It’s not an easy one to answer, but I’ll give it a shot with this clip from my website:

“Harry is a very wealthy, very successful private investigator, an ex-cop with a classy office in downtown Chattanooga, a large client list – including the DA and just about every lawyer and judge in town, and even more in the big cities: Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham. He owns a luxury waterfront condo on the Tennessee River, dresses down, and still frequents the city’s sleazy bars and night clubs. “It’s part of the job.” He’s a big guy: six-foot-two, 215 pounds, black curly hair cut short, slightly hollow cheeks, scruffy chin and upper lip, and deep-set blue eyes. He’s a very complex character, but unlike most private eyes he carries no baggage other than, in the early books, a weakness for the opposite sex. So where did the character come from? Almost from when I was first able to read I’ve been a fan of Mickey Spillane and his rough, tough PI, Mike Hammer. When I began to write these stories, my goal was to emulate both of them and, in the first two books, I think that shows through. Today, however, the character evolved, along with those of the rest of his crew. Oh he’s still tough, can be very rough when he has to be, but… well, I suggest you read the books and to get you started I’ll give you the first copy for free. Before you get started though, I think you should take a few seconds to watch the video. It gives you an idea of what you can expect in Book 1.”


The Book That Introduced Harry Starke

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