It’s Been a Wild Wild Week

Oh boy, has it ever been a tough seven days?

Continuing on from my last blog: Back last Saturday I got a wild hair up my nose, mostly from frustration with the complexities of Dreamweaver, and decided after more than eight years to make things a little easier and build a new website. Easier? It would have have been easier for to, in biblical terms, to pass through the eye of a needle than it was to get it done. Long story short, I went the WordPress route, because I knew all about WP, right? Not hardly. I’ve been using WP for my blog for years – easy. A couple of clicks and away I’d go. Four wasted days later and I was giggling like a lunatic. Now, almost a week after I dove into a pool without water, and having lost at least 60 pounds – oh how I wish – and countless hours of sleep, I have a new website, sort of. It’s up. It’s running. It’s not what I’d envisioned, but it works, after a fashion. I know that because you reading this on it

To repeat what I’ve said many times before, the moral of this sad tale is this: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!

Keep the faith, my friends,


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