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Kate Gazzara Series Book 11: Alexandra

Alexandra Meyer is sixteen, from a wealthy family and enrolled in a private school. She’s also dead, brutally murdered. It’s Kate Gazzara’s first day on the job as a detective, and she has a new partner. One with an attitude and a past. Investigating a murder solo is one thing, joining forces with a partner, as a new female homicide detective is a whole new level of complicated.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 12: Cameron

Kate had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she answered the call that Monday morning. The brutal murder of Cameron Geffner started her along a trail more complex and shocking than any case she’d handled in her long career as a homicide detective. That and the turmoil in her personal life will test her skills and fortitude like never before.

The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series – Books 1-3

Grisly murders. A lack of clues. Three cases she can’t let go.
Jasmine is the first of three riveting crime stories you’ll not be able to put down.
Kids at play in an abandoned quarry found Jasmine stuffed into a concrete pipe. The lovely teenager had been dead more than a week. It’s homicide detective Kate Gazzara’s first case. It could be her last. Can she solve it before the killer strikes again?

The Peacemaker

A secret plot to start a war. Two old enemies must work together to foil it.
Under any other circumstances, hired assassin Cassandra Wu would be trying to kill her partner. But that’ll have to wait. Right now, they need to stop a war.

Will Nero and Wu be able to put aside their differences and combine forces to stop The Peacemakers? Or will the temptation to kill each other prove too great?

Dangerous Games (The Peacemaker Book 2)

It began with a kidnapping, a murder and a phone call.
Once again, Albert Westwood, AKA Nero, and Casey Wu are thrown together in a desperate attempt to foil a plot that that could drive the western economy into a second Great Depression.

Westwood and Wu, two assassins – one ex-SAS, the other ex-CIA – would, under any other circumstances, be trying to kill each other, but this time it’s personal, for both of them. Lives are at stake. So is Westwood’s freedom. They must join together to defeat the Peacemakers, a deep state organization whose goal is to bring about world peace, even if they must destroy it in the process.

The Extinction Protocol (The Peacemaker Book 3)

They’re back. Casey Wu and Albert “Nero” Westwood in a stunning new thriller
The team is back. So is the Peacemaker with a new and deadly plot that could extinguish all human life on the planet… except for a select few, of course. It began when a respected Belgian virologist smuggled his gain of function research out of his lab, research so dangerous he decided to destroy it before it could get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Follow former SAS officer Al “Nero” Westwood, Casandra “Casey” Wu and former MI6 director Jack O’Neal in their frantic race across two continents to stop the last Peacemaker in his quest to save the world by… destroying it.

The Mule Soldiers: A Novel of the American Civil War

On a balmy day in April 1863, Union Colonel Abel D. Streight, at the head of a brigade of Federal infantry, set out on a 220-mile ride to destroy the Western and Atlantic Railroad at Rome, Georgia. The most fascinating thing about the raid is that Streight’s brigade of four infantry regiments, almost 1,800 soldiers, was mounted on mules, a huge problem in itself; few of his men had ever ridden a horse, let alone a mule.

The Chase: A Novel of the Old West

During the last few days of the Civil War, a company of Confederate raiders rode into the small Kansas town of Elbow. There they raped, pillaged and murdered among the local populace, thus triggering a chain of events and a chase that extended for more than a thousand miles across the grasslands and mountains of Kansas and the deserts of New Mexico.

Comanche: A Novel of the Old West

On a dark day in April 1865, a band of former Confederate guerillas slaughtered more than forty Comanches, most of them women and children. This began a six-month reign of terror along the Santa Fe Trail as Comanche chief, White Eagle, took his revenge. The U.S. Cavalry was assigned the task of tracking White Eagle and his warriors down.

Three Days in Hell: A Novel of the American Civil War

If you love Civil War stories, you’ll love this fact-based novel of the bloodiest two days at Chickamauga as told by Major Chester Rigby CSA, ADC to General Bushrod Johnson.

For more than two months, Union General William Rosecrans and his Army of the Cumberland pursued General Braxton Bragg’s Confederate Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Chattanooga. Finally, on September 18, 1863, on the banks of a small river in Northwest Georgia, the two great armies came face to face, and so began three days of hell, including the two bloodiest days of our nation’s Civil War.

Chickamauga: A Novel of the American Civil War

Just after first light on the morning of September 18th, 1863, in the deep woods on the banks of Chickamauga Creek, a single brigade of Federal infantry stumbled into a full division of Confederate cavalry, and so began one of the bloodiest conflicts of the American Civil War. The result? A huge victory for the Confederate army. The cost? More than 37,000 casualties; the Battle of Chickamauga was the bloodiest two days of the entire Civil War.