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Kate Gazzara Series Book 1: Jasmine

It was late Friday evening when they discovered the body. The girl had been in the concrete pipe for more than a week. The daytime temperatures were hitting 120 degrees. It was the stench that drew the kids to her. Who was she? Who put her there? Who… killed her?

Kate Gazzara Series Book 2: Cassandra

A brutal murder. An embattled cop. A cold case nobody wants.

They found her lying in the mud on the banks of South Chickamauga Creek. She’d been stabbed forty-four times. The killer was never found. Twenty-three years later the case lands on Kate Gazzara’s desk. With her career in jeopardy, she finds herself plunged into a frantic race against time… and members of her own department.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 3: Saffron

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

Saffron was the first. T.J. Bron found her naked body lying beside a dumpster at the rear of the Sorbonne. Four weeks later, a teenage couple looking for a quiet spot to get it together find a second victim.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 4: Sapphire

The gripping series continues as homicide detective Kate Gazzara faces the most personal—and deadly—case of her lifetime.
On a cold morning in October, 1987, Ohio State Patrol Officer Dan Walker finds an odd box on a quiet, county road. Twenty-five years later, in 2012, and more than 600 miles away, a young woman vanishes without a trace and another is found dead from what appears to be an overdose.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 5: Victoria

Three murdered women. Two dedicated detectives. One deranged killer.

When three wealthy women are found murdered within hours of each other, beaten to death in their own homes for no apparent reason, and the only thing they have in common is their church, Lt. Kate Gazzara begins to dig, and the deeper she goes the more she realizes that all is not what it seems at the Church of the Savior. Clues are scare and what few there are generate more questions than answers. No motive, no suspects until she begins to connect the dots…

Kate Gazzara Series Book 7: Cassidy

A string of murders. A killer on the hunt. A detective that can’t let go.

When a farmer discovers a man’s body in the passenger seat of his own car, Captain Kate Gazzara is called in to lead the murder investigation. A simple carjacking gone wrong? That’s what it looks like but, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. So Kate probes deeper and quickly discovers that her victim isn’t the first, but only the latest in a string of murders going back over five years.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 8: Georgina

A forgotten cold case. A long dead teenager. A detective that can’t let go.
Every cop has an unsolved case they can’t let go. Georgina Harrison was mine. I can’t tell you why… Maybe it was because she was just a teenager, sweet sixteen, that it stuck in my craw. Maybe it was the sight of… you don’t want to know. Maybe it was because I was still a rookie when I accompanied Harry Starke to the crime scene that God awful day. Maybe it was all of those things, but try as I might to move on, I couldn’t.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 9: Nicolette

Nobody knows what horrors Nicolette Percy endured the night she was murdered.
Kate Gazzara caught the case and at first she thought it would be a quick and easy closer. She was wrong. With every passing day the case became more complex. And then she made a mistake that almost cost her her career…

Kate Gazzara Series Book 10: Catherine

The Nicolette Percy case was a nightmare. She solved it, but the solution generated more questions than answers. Captain Kate Gazzara, suspended from duty and in danger of losing her job, is determined to find the answers and embarks on a one woman investigation deep into the heart of Appalachia.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 11: Alexandra

Alexandra Meyer is sixteen, from a wealthy family and enrolled in a private school. She’s also dead, brutally murdered. It’s Kate Gazzara’s first day on the job as a detective, and she has a new partner. One with an attitude and a past. Investigating a murder solo is one thing, joining forces with a partner, as a new female homicide detective is a whole new level of complicated.

Kate Gazzara Series Book 12: Cameron

Kate had no idea what she was letting herself in for when she answered the call that Monday morning. The brutal murder of Cameron Geffner started her along a trail more complex and shocking than any case she’d handled in her long career as a homicide detective. That and the turmoil in her personal life will test her skills and fortitude like never before.

The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series – Books 1-3

Grisly murders. A lack of clues. Three cases she can’t let go.
Jasmine is the first of three riveting crime stories you’ll not be able to put down.
Kids at play in an abandoned quarry found Jasmine stuffed into a concrete pipe. The lovely teenager had been dead more than a week. It’s homicide detective Kate Gazzara’s first case. It could be her last. Can she solve it before the killer strikes again?