In the year 2052, physicist Mark Holder discovered the Slipstream drive and humanity reached for the stars and began to colonize the galaxy. For centuries, humans continued to populate system after system without coming into contact with intelligent alien life. But man is a natural predator, warlike and greedy. After many generations of minor warfare, humanity faced a near-extinction-level event remembered now only as The Purge.

The vast majority of humanity did not survive. Those that did owe their survival to a few hundred Heroes—starship captains and generals—who brought an end to The Purge and began to restore order in the galaxy.

These Heroes are thought to have had a range of powers, including telepathy (commonly called Psy), telekinesis (commonly called TK), and even a form of second sight that allowed them to see events in the future and thus predict probable enemy movements (these are the Seers).

Over the centuries that followed the end of The Purge, these Heroes of old passed their powers down to their children. And so, the Heroic Families were formed, bloodlines that can be traced to the present day.

After The Purge, humanity embraced a form of monarchy. Each star system with a habitable planet – which serves as the Capital for the system – became a Kingdom in its own right. In almost all cases, the royal families can prove their bloodlines come from Heroic blood. Although, over time, despite efforts to keep them pure, the bloodlines became clouded.

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Buy direct and save. Avenger, Book One from the Sovereign Stars series.

Avenger Audiobook

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Avenger, Book One from the Sovereign Stars series.

The war begins, and the fight for the survival of the human race is on. 

Run Time: 10 hrs. 54 mins.

Narrated by Renée Maxwell

Sovereign Stars Series Book 1: Avenger

Book 1 of Sovereign Stars, Avenger, is the first novel in a gripping, action-filled military space opera in which Avenger, under the command of Knight Captain Richard Morian, is sent to one of the outer star systems on a rescue mission. What he discovers there suggests the entire Orso Carrier Group is destined for annihilation.