The Assassin (Harry Starke Genesis Book 3)

A brutal murder. A condemned assassin with days left to live. No one could figure out exactly why Sandra McDowell had to die. What was her connection to The Raven, an aging hitman twenty years on death row with only days left to live? Clues are plentiful, but all are dead ends. The Raven is a mind-bending mystery thriller, a twister of a tale that will keep you up reading long into the night.


Who want’s Senator Andrew Hawke dead? How many must die to make it happen?
It was a bad day all round for Tommy Biscotti and his friends. All Tommy wanted was a few pills. What he got was a bullet in the back. Hammerhead, Tommy’s source, got two in the head. Jake Burke, Hammerhead’s sidekick, got his brains blown out. Pretty standard stuff for the low life’s of the underworld… But what did it all have to do with Senator Andrew Hawke’s run for governor?

Who is the assassin?

To Harry Starke the answers seem obvious… but as we all know, in Harry’s world nothing ever is…