The Lolita Conspiracy (Harry Starke Genesis Book 4)

A brutal murder. A condemned assassin with days left to live. No one could figure out exactly why Sandra McDowell had to die. What was her connection to The Raven, an aging hitman twenty years on death row with only days left to live? Clues are plentiful, but all are dead ends. The Raven is a mind-bending mystery thriller, a twister of a tale that will keep you up reading long into the night.


A chance encounter. A plea for help. A detective too tired to care.
Brandon Beck hanged himself, or did he? Was it suicide or cold blooded murder?

On a cold dark night in February, Harry Starke runs into someone he hasn’t seen in almost 25 years.

The man has a problem. He asks Harry for help. Harry turns him down, and thus becomes the last person to see Brandon Beck alive.

Did Beck hang himself? Was he murdered? Either way, why? Harry Starke, now the prime suspect, vows to find out.

The Lolita Conspiracy by Blair Howard is the 4th novel in the bestselling Harry Starke Genesis series and is sure to keep you turning the pages until you reach the end.

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